Change in the Crystallinity of Wheat Straw during Ozone Treatment


A new way of diffractometrically measuring the degree of crystallinity of substances by determining the rate of change in function I = f(2θ) over the range of scattering angles of a test sample’s diffractogram is used to study changes in the crystallinity of wheat straw during ozone treatment. It is shown that the crystallinity of a sample is inversely proportional to its content of lignin. No correlation is found between the crystallinity of the lignocellulosic substrate and its reactivity in the processes of enzymatic hydrolysis to sugars.

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This work was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, project no. 16-08-00876. It was performed on equipment purchased with the support of Moscow State University’s Development Program and the Arktika Core Facility Center (NArFU). Financing was provided by the RF Ministry of Education and Science.

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Benko, E.M., Chuhchin, D.G., Malkov, A.V. et al. Change in the Crystallinity of Wheat Straw during Ozone Treatment. Russ. J. Phys. Chem. 94, 1149–1152 (2020).

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  • ozone
  • lignin
  • wheat straw
  • crystallinity
  • X-ray diffractometry