Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A

, Volume 92, Issue 5, pp 905–908 | Cite as

Formation, Phase, and Elemental Composition of Micro- and Nano-Dimensional Particles of the Fe–Ti System

  • A. F. Dresvyannikov
  • M. E. Kolpakov
Physical Chemistry of Solutions


X-ray fluorescence, X-ray phase analysis, and transmission Mössbauer and NGR spectrometry are used to study the formation, phase, and elemental composition of Fe–Ti particles. The interaction between Fe(III) ions and dispersed titanium in an aqueous solution containing chloride ions and HF is studied. It is shown that the resulting Fe–Ti samples are a set of core–shell microparticles with titanium cores coated with micro- and nanosized α-Fe nucleation centers with the thinness outer layer of iron(III) oxide characterized by a developed surface.


titanium iron ions aqueous solution nanoparticles core–shell particles 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Kazan National Research Technological UniversityKazanRussia

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