Methylviologen Bromobismuthates


New methylviologen (MV2+) bromobismuthate [MV]3[BiBr6]2 · 2H2O (I) isostructural to the well-known chlorobismuthate [MV]3[BiCl6]2 · 2H2O has been prepared from an aqueous solution and cha-racterized by X-ray diffraction. The reaction between I and concentrated HBr leads to the formation of acidic methylviologen bromobismuthate-bromide [H3O]2[MV][BiBr6]Br · 4H2O (II) and a minor impurity of bromobismuthate tribromide [MV]3[Bi2Br9][Br3]3 (III). The acidic bromobismuthate of ethylviologen (EtV2+) [H3O][EtV][BiBr6] · 1.34H2O (IV) formed under similar conditions has another composition. Thermal decomposition of II yields single-phase [MV][BiBr5], which has a low optical band gap. The electrochemical characteristics of I and related iodobismuthate [MV]3[Bi2I11]I have been compared.

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This work was carried out within the framework of the State Assignment to the Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences in the field of fundamental scientific research.

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  • hybrid bromobismuthates
  • methylviologen
  • crystal structure
  • cyclic voltammetry