Deformation Behavior and Structural Evolution of Stainless Cr–Mn–N Steel during Low-Temperature Tension

Abstract—The deformation behavior and structure of 16.5Cr–18.8Mn–0.53N–0.07C steel deformed by tension in the temperature range from –196 to + 20°С have been investigated. A stage with a constant strain-hardening rate has been shown to be present in the temperature range –65 < t ≤ 20°C, which at –65 < t < 0°C is periodically interrupted by the parabolic hardening stage. Multiple strain localization has been observed in the samples at test temperatures of –65 < t < 0°С. There is γ → ε-transformation in steel at all deformation temperatures. Its contribution to the total ductility of steel increases as the test temperature decreases. Tension tests of steel at –196°C has resulted in γ → ε → α' transformation at the strain localization stage.

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This work was performed within the state assignment of the Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences (project III.23.1.1).

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  • nitrided steel
  • low-temperature deformation
  • strain hardening
  • phase transformation