New Species of the Genus Filites Počta in Barrande (Bryozoa) from the Emsian (Lower Devonian) of Salair


The new bryozoan species Filites vulgaris Udodov, F.regularis Mesentseva, F.bakharevi Mesentseva, and F. fragilis Udodov are described from the Akarachkino Quarry in vicinity of Gurievsk (Salair), from a series of alternating argillaceous-carbonate shale and detrital, slightly argillaceous limestones of Emsian age (serotinus zone). In this series there are reticulate colonies of fenestellids in rock-forming abundance (over 20 species belonging to 12 genera). The bryozoan burial is autochthonous, hence, entire colonies and rather large fragments of colonies, including members of the genus Filites, have been preserved.

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Mesentseva, O.P., Udodov, Y.V. New Species of the Genus Filites Počta in Barrande (Bryozoa) from the Emsian (Lower Devonian) of Salair. Paleontol. J. 54, 255–262 (2020).

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  • bryozoans
  • Fenestellida
  • Filites
  • Devonian
  • Emsian Stage
  • Salair