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Revision of the Late Paleozoic Family Vidrioceratidae Plummer et Scott (Ammonoidea)

  • T. B. Leonova


This paper provides a review of the evolution of opinions on the composition and history of the development of the family Vidrioceratidae Plummer et Scott, 1937, which played an important role in the Carboniferous–Permian ammonoid biota. The division of the group into subfamilies, for which the generic composition is determined and the morphogenetic trends are reconstructed, is reinterpreted. The status and species composition of the genera Pamirites Toumanskaya and Prostacheoceras Ruzhencev are emended. The familial assignments of the “problematic” genera Leites Bogoslovskaya, 1990, Jilingites Liang, 1982, and Peritrochia Girty, 1908 are revised.


Ammonoidea Vidrioceratidae Late Paleozoic systematics phylogeny ontogeny morphogenesis 


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