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On some eurypterids (Eurypterida, Chelicerata) from the Devonian of South Siberia

  • E. S. ShpinevEmail author


Fossil eurypterids from the Lake Shunet area (Lower Devonian of the Republic of Khakassia) and the Torgashino locality (Devonian of Krasnoyarsk Region) have been reexamined. New species of eurypterids are described: Stylonuroides orientalis sp. nov., Parahughmilleria longa sp. nov., and Nanahughmilleria notosibirica sp. nov.


Eurypterida Parastylonuridae Adelophthalmidae Stylonuroides Parahughmilleria Nanahughmilleria Lower Devonian Siberia Asia Khakassia Krasnoyarsk Region 


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