Optics and Spectroscopy

, Volume 124, Issue 2, pp 278–284 | Cite as

Tomography in Optically Axisymmetric Media

  • A. E. Puro
Geometrical and Applied Optics


A generalization of the Cormac algorithm for the inversion of the Radon transformation in an optical medium with an axisymmetric index of refraction has been proposed. The distribution of rays is such that only one ray passes through any two points in the circle. A “parallel scanning scheme” of tomography has been considered: a cylindrical object is illuminated by a parallel beam of light, the rays of which are deflected into the cylinder. There is no refraction on the surface of the cylinder. The algorithm assumes the possibility of attenuation on a ray, which also has an axisymmetric character. Such a type of ray deflection occurs in problematic issues of the tomography of GRADANs, light guides, and plasma.


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  1. 1.EuroacademyTallinnEstonia

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