Selective Catalytic Hydrosilylation of Ethylene. Preparation of Ethyltrimethoxysilane by H2O Promoted RuCl3 ⋅ 3H2O Catalyst


The work describes an efficient one-step solvent-free synthesis of ethyltrimethoxysilane through hydrosilylation reaction catalyzed by RuCl3 ⋅ 3H2O–H2O. The procedure involves time point and dose of adding additive water. Excellent yields, short reaction times, and easy reaction handling under solvent-free and mild conditions are the most important advantages of the present protocol. A possible reaction mechanism was discussed by empirical method.

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This work was supported by the Henan Science and Technology Development Plan Project (no. 162102210176), the Key Scientific and Technological Research Projects of Henan Education Department (no. 15B350001). Kaifeng Science and Technology Development Plan Project (no. 1603112).

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Correspondence to L. Liu.

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The authors declare that they have no conflicts of interest.

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Abbreviations: ETMS, ethyltrimethoxysilane; TMS, trimethoxysilane; VTMS, vinyl trimethoxysilane.

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Liu, L., Li, X., Ma, Y. et al. Selective Catalytic Hydrosilylation of Ethylene. Preparation of Ethyltrimethoxysilane by H2O Promoted RuCl3 ⋅ 3H2O Catalyst. Kinet Catal 61, 414–420 (2020).

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  • ethyltrimethoxysilane
  • hydrosilylation reaction
  • RuCl3 ⋅ 3H2O–H2O catalyst
  • reaction mechanism