Synthesis of a Novel Porous Carbon Based Solid Acid and Its Catalytic Activities for Biodiesel Synthesis from Waste Oils


The porous carbon based solid acid has been synthesized by the carbonization and sulfonation of the NaHCO3 doped glucose. Here NaHCO3 was used as the porogen, which formed the porous honeycomb structure of solid acid. The novel solid acid had the high BET surface area of 98.0 m2/g, which provided the easily accessible active sites for reactants. The novel porous carbon based solid acid had high activity for the biodiesel synthesis from waste fried cooking oils under mild condition. The high activity, high stability and high reusability made the novel solid acid one of the best choice for the reactions.

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The work was supported by Public Welfare Project from Science and technology department of Zhejiang province no. 2017C31109.

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Correspondence to X. Liang.

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Abbreviations: FFAs, free fatty acids, FT-IR, Fourier transform infrared specyroscopy; SEM, scanning electron microscopy; TGA, thermogravimetric analysis.

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  • porous carbon based solid acid
  • NaHCO3 porogen
  • biodiesel synthesis