A Nanosecond Electron Accelerator with a Heterogeneous Transmission Line and a Gas-Filled Diode

Abstract—This paper describes the design and parameters of a nanosecond accelerator with an additional transmission line that has variable wave impedance and a gas-filled diode. The possibility of controlling the beam current parameters by changing the air pressure in the diode is shown. Behind the anode foil, at a half-maximum pulse width of ≈1.3 ns and an electron energy of up to 350 keV, the beam current amplitude was ≈700 A. Vavilov–Cherenkov radiation spectra and oscillograms were recorded when were excited by the electron beam of this accelerator. quartz, sapphire, and synthetic diamond were excited by the electron beam of this accelerator.

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This work was carried out as part of the project of the Russian Science Foundation no. 18-19-00184.

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