A Spectrometer for Measuring the Characteristics of a Single Laser-Accelerated Electron Bunch with a Small Charge


The principles and results of the development of an electron spectrometer for a facility for the laser acceleration of electrons, which is being created at the Institute of Laser Physics, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, jointly with the Institute of Nuclear Physics (BINP), Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, are described. The spectrometer uses a permanent dipole magnet and a phosphor screen and is designed for an energy range of 15–150 MeV. The main requirements that determine the features of this spectrometer are as follows: the location of the basic elements in a vacuum chamber of limited volume and operation in the mode of single pulses at small charges in a pulse, at a level of 1–10 pC. Methods for selecting the measurement scheme and geometry and the requirements for the elements that constitute the spectrometer and their selection are described. It is demonstrated that the beam collimation at the spectrometer entrance allows achievement of an energy resolution of up to 5% at the high-energy limit of the measurement range. The results of testing a spectrometer prototype on the VEPP-5 beam at the BINP, at which the sensitivity of registering the charge density at a level of 0.01 pC/mm2 was experimentally achieved, are presented.

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This study was supported by the Program of Basic Research of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences Extreme Laser Radiation: Physics and Fundamental Applications (project no. 115113010008) of the ILP and the Program of the Foundation of Scientific Research of State Academies of Sciences, Topic no. 15.4.3. Investigation of New Methods for Accelerating Charged Particles (no. 0305-2014-0016) at the BINP.

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