The Input Window of a Target Station for Operation with Medical Radionuclides

Abstract— The design of an inlet vacuum window, which was developed and manufactured as part of the project of a target station for the production of medical radionuclides, is presented. The calculated data of temperature fields and thermomechanical stresses in the window elements are presented, as well as data on the stress–strain state of the window under the action of the total load (pressure plus uneven heating). Particular attention is paid to the numerical simulation of window cooling by unheated water flows. The “life time” of the window is estimated due to radiation damage to its material. Given the high levels of energy release and induced activity, initiated by protons in the window, as well as its frequent replacement, the AMg6 alloy was selected as the window material.

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The authors are grateful to employee of the Institute of High Energy Physics, Research Center Kurchatov Institute L.O. Baliev for participating in the discussion of the results and useful comments, and to the Department of Mathematics and Computer Engineering of the Institute of High Energy Physics, Research Center Kurchatov Institute for providing computational resources on the shared computing cluster [12].


This work was supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation in the framework of the Subsidy Agreement dated June 27, 2019 no. 075.15.2019.1393, Agreement identifier RFMEFI60717X0193 (Applied research and experimental development of innovative production technology for the industrial production of medical strontium isotope-82, necessary for the diagnosis by positron emission tomography of various cardiological diseases).

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