Manifestation of Solar-Activity Cycles in the Rhythms of the Lacustrine Banded Clay of the Late Pleistocene and the Modern Era


The paper considers the ratio between the spectral and time structures of solar activity, which consists of five main cycles (Schwabe, Hale, Brueckner, Gleissberg, and Suess-deVries) and the rhythms of banded clays in thirteen samples from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration database, which date back to the Late Pleistocene (~15 000 years ago) and the modern era (from 3000 BC to the present). It is shown that there is no systematic shift in the values of the solar-activity cycles relative to the corresponding periods of the cyclic components in the banded clays, and there is only a partial coincidence (from 33% to 78%) of the former with the latter, depending on the value of their periods. Moreover, 5- to 7-year cycles are observed in ten samples of banded clays, which lately has been attributed to the El Niño phenomenon.

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