Correlation of the Cosmic-Ray Cutoff Rigidity with Heliospheric and Geomagnetic-Activity Parameters at Different Phases of a Magnetic Storm in November 2004


The correlation of the variations in geomagnetic cutoff rigidity of cosmic rays ΔR with the interplanetary medium parameters and geomagnetic activity indices Dst and Kp was calculated for different phases of the superstorm on November 7–8, 2004. The strongest correlation was observed between the cutoff rigidity and Dst at all stages of storm development (correlation coefficients k ≈ 0.70–0.98); some stable influence of the solar wind (SW) density N (k ≈ 0.50–0.80) should also be noted. The dependence of the cutoff-rigidity variation on all of the dynamic parameters of the SW is observed in the main storm phase and is especially strong for the density N and pressure P. The correlation between ΔR and V is negative in all phases, while the correlation of ΔR with N and P is positive during the main phase and negative in the recovery phase. The cutoff-rigidity variations showed no sensitivity to the Bz component of the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF), the azimuthal component By, or the IMF absolute value B before the storm or in its main phase. A significant correlation or anticorrelation of ΔR with B and all the IMF components is observed only in the recovery period. The specific response of the geomagnetic cutoff rigidity to the heliospheric and magnetospheric parameters at different phases of the magnetic storm is apparently determined by the different relative contributions of the magnetospheric global current systems during these periods.

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