Equilibrium–Kinetic Modeling an Acid Mine Drainage of Integrated Technological Sample from the Pavlovskoe Ore Deposit (Novaya Zemlya Archipelago, Southern Island). A Preliminary Estimation


We carried out equilibrium-kinetic modeling the interaction of the integrated technological sample from the Pavlovskoe ore deposit with atmospheric precipitates to estimate the potential environmental contamination during mining. Accumulation of major (Zn, Pb) and trace (Cu, Co, Cd, As, Hg, Se, Hg, Sb) ore elements in aqueous solution during summer period has been calculated. It has been shown that the aqueous solution after the interaction acquires sulfate–calcium composition and accumulates Zn, Sb, and Hg in concentrations exceeding the maximum permissible concentrations.

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  • acid drainage
  • environment
  • equilibrium-kinetic modeling
  • sulfides