Populational and Karyological Analysis of the Phytophilous Chironomid Endochironomus tendens F. (Diptera, Chironomidae). 1. New Chromosomal Sequences in the Species’ Karyotype Pool


A karyological analysis of the phytophilous chironomids Endochironomus tendens F. (Diptera, Chironomidae) from six water bodies of Saratov and Volgograd provinces has been carried out. The karyotype of E. tendens has 2n = 6, with morphologically well-defined centromeric zones represented by large heterochromatin blocks. In chromosome I (EF), arm E is characterized by five banding sequences: tendE1, tendE2, tendE3, tendE4, and tendE5; the band order for sequence tendE5 is described for the first time. Arm F comprises three previously described sequences: tendF1, tendF3, and tendF4. In chromosome II (CDG), sequence tendC1 occurs in most of the studied larvae, while tendC2 and tendC3 are rare sequences. Three previously described sequences, tend(DG)1, tend(DG)2, and tend(DG)3, occur in arm DG; the band order of the previously described sequence tend(DG)4 is clarified. Two new sequences, tend(DG)5 and tend(DG)6, are described for the first time. In chromosome III (AB), arm A comprises four known sequences: tendA1, tendA2, tendA3, and tendA4. Arm B comprises only two sequences: tendB1 and tendB2. In total, 24 chromosome banding sequences have been discovered in the studied E. tendens populations.

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