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Notes on the fauna and taxonomy of the click beetles (Coleoptera, Elateridae) of Russia and neighboring countries

  • A. S. Prosvirov


New data on the distribution and taxonomy of some species of click-beetles in Russia and adjacent countries are given. Several species are recorded for the first time for the following territories: Brachygonus bouyoni (Chass.), B. dubius (Plat. et Cate) and Zorochros lewisi (Schw.), for Russia; Sericus sulcipennis (Baudi), for Ukraine; Berninelsonius hyperboreus (Gyll.), Cidnopus parallelus (Motsch.), and Limonius poneli Les. et Mertl., for Kazakhstan. New interesting findings of Sericus sulcipennis and Selatosomus songoricus (Kr.) are reported. Comments on some erroneous faunistic records of several elaterids, including some species from Middle Asia, are made. The following new synonymy is established: Haterumelater fulvago (Marseul, {dy1868}) = Elater tauricola Gurjeva, 1957, syn. n. Notes on the variability of Selatosomus latus (F.) are given, and its conspecificity with S. corpulentus (Cand.) is confirmed. The external morphology and genitalia of the little known Selatosomus nanus Gur. are studied, and the systematic position of this species is discussed.


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