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Interannual and Intra-Monthly Fluctuations of the Wind Field and Sea Surface Temperature in the West African Upwelling Region Based on Satellite Data

  • A. B. PolonskyEmail author
  • A. N. Serebrennikov


The relative intensity of fluctuations of the sea surface temperature and wind field in the West African upwelling region within a month (intra-monthly) and from year to year were studied using highly resolved daily satellite data from the 1980s until 2015. It is shown that the interannual and intra-monthly variances are similar or the latter prevail throughout a year (for the wind field) and most of a year (for the sea surface temperature). This should be taken into account during the analysis of the upwelling characteristics (especially in the case of data with low spatio-temporal resolution) to prevent aliasing.


West African upwelling spatio-temporal variability of sea surface temperature and wind velocity aliasing 



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