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Correlation Analysis of Experimental Remote-Sensing Data and Models of Microwave Rough Sea-Surface Emission

Methods and Means of Processing and Interpretation of Space Information


A correlation analysis of the model calculations and experimental measurements of wind-speed sensitivity of a rough sea-surface microwave emission at a frequency of 37.5 GHz are presented. The field data used in the research were collected over 3 years in the summer and autumn periods at the oceanographic platform of the Marine Hydrophysical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). A hypothesis about a significant correlation between the model calculations and experimentally measured sea-surface emission ability caused by wind forcing was formulated and tested to reveal this correlation. An evaluation of the discrepancy between the model and experimental data has been performed by an analysis of residuals. Our studies have shown that among the selected models not a single one adequately describes the experimental data.


remote sensing correlation analysis analysis of residuals radiometer microwave emission rough sea surface microwave emission-wind speed sensitivity SSM/I 


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