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, Volume 10, Issue 6, pp 1372–1377 | Cite as

Catalytically Active Coatings for Systems of Steam Conversion of Natural Gas: Synthesis and Catalytic Properties

  • M. L. ShishkovaEmail author
  • I. V. Yakovleva


Scientific and engineering problems in development of catalytically active compositions for immobilized catalyst systems for steam conversion of hydrocarbon feedstock to hydrogen fuel have been considered. Processes for synthesis of catalytic powder mixtures and production of functional coatings based on them with the use of a promising method of supersonic cold gas-dynamic sputtering have been studied. The data of experimental study in the field of development of catalysts for methane steam conversion to hydrogen-containing fuel on the Cr15Al15 tape support using as starting materials Ni–Al–Al(OH)3–Ca(OH)2–Mg(OH)2 composite powder mixtures are given.


steam conversion system powder catalytic active mixture functional coating surface morphology strip support promoter 



Experimental investigations were performed using instrumentation at the Center for Collective Use of Research Instrumentation Composition, Structure, and Properties of Construction and Functional Materials of the National Research Center Kurchatov Institute—Central Research Institute of Structural Materials Prometey, using state financial support of the Ministry of Education and Science within the framework of agreement no. 14.595.21.0004, unique identifier RFMEFI59517X0004.


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  1. 1.National Research Center Kurchatov Institute—Central Research Institute of Structural Materials PrometeySt. PetersburgRussia

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