Technological Procedure for the Formation of an Oxide Layer on the Surfaces of Structures Made of Titanium Alloys

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The possibility of the application of a mobile unit with several travelling electrodes to form oxide coatings via the microarc oxidation on various surfaces of large-scale articles made of titanium alloys has been demonstrated. The application of several electrodes has promoted improving the treatment performance and forming more homogeneous oxide layer on the treated surface.

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Correspondence to V. K. Shatalov.

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Translated by D. Marinin

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Shatalov, V.K., Lysenko, L.V., Shtokal, A.O. et al. Technological Procedure for the Formation of an Oxide Layer on the Surfaces of Structures Made of Titanium Alloys. Prot Met Phys Chem Surf 55, 1352–1356 (2019) doi:10.1134/S2070205119070153

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  • microarc oxidation
  • coating
  • electrode
  • electrolyte
  • titanium