The Formation of Vanadium-Containing Coatings in a Stagewise Microarc Oxidation Process

  • Zh. I. Bespalova
  • I. N. PanenkoEmail author
New Substances, Materials and Coatings


Formation of vanadium-containing oxide ceramic coatings in the stagewise microarc oxidation process on the surface of the D16 aluminum alloy is studied. Conclusions as to the mechanism of their growth are made on the basis of analysis of the change in the element composition and surface morphology of the coatings. The prospects of using such coatings as catalytically active systems are shown.


microarc oxidation oxide ceramic coatings vanadium oxide compounds element composition surface morphology electrolyte sodium metavanadate thermochemical and plasmachemical reactions 


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  1. 1.Platov South Russian State Polytechnic UniversityNovocherkassk, Rostov oblastRussia

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