Effect of the Type of the Cobalt-Containing Component of a Composite Catalyst on the One-Stage Synthesis of Liquid Hydrocarbons from СО and Н2

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The effect of the type of the cobalt-containing component (Со-Al2O3/SiO2, Co-Re/Al2O3, and Co-Re/TiO2) of a composite catalyst on the combined synthesis and hydroconversion of hydrocarbons by the Fischer–Tropsch process are investigated. The catalytic properties of catalyst samples are studied in a flow reactor with a fixed catalyst layer at 2 MPa and GHSV of 1000 h–1 within a the temperature range of 240–280°С for 40–90 h of continuous operation. The highest values of output and selectivity to C5+ hydrocarbons are obtained for composite catalyst Со-Al2O3/SiO2(35%)/ZSM-5(30%)/Al2O3(30%) at a temperature of 240°C and are 106 kg/(\({\text{m}}_{{{\text{cat}}}}^{3}\) h) and 67.1%, respectively. It is shown that using Co-Re/Al2O3 instead of Со-Al2O3/SiO2 catalyst produces comparable values of catalytic activity, but considerably fewer unsaturated hydrocarbons are found in the products of synthesis. Using Co-Re/TiO2 catalyst and raising the temperature (to 280°С) shifts the molecular weight distribution of the products of synthesis toward the formation of a gasoline fraction. It is found that the rate of catalyst deactivation grows in the order Со-Al2O3/SiO2 > Co-Re/Al2O3 > Co-Re/TiO2.

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This work was performed on equipment belonging to the Nanotechnologies shared resource center of Platov South Russian State Polytechnic University.


This work was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, project no. 18-33-00946/18.

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Correspondence to R. E. Yakovenko or I. N. Zubkov or G. B. Narochnyi or S. V. Nekroenko or A. P. Savost’yanov.

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Translated by D. Kharitonov

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  • Fischer–Tropsch synthesis
  • composite catalyst
  • cobalt-containing component
  • synthetic hydrocarbons
  • motor oils
  • catalyst performance