q-Extension of Fubini Numbers

  • Hamadoun MaïgaEmail author
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In this paper we define a q-extension of Fubini numbers which we call q-Fubini numbers, and generalized q-Fubini numbers of order r. Using the p-adic Laplace transform and p-adic integration, we obtain these numbers as moments of appropriate p-adicmeasures. Then we establish some identities and congruences for these numbers. We establish also a relationship between generalized q-Fubini numbers of order r and q-Fubini numbers. Further, as done in previous works we introduce a concept of generalized q-Fubini numbers, attached to a continuous pp-invariant function ψ defined on ℤp. These numbers are also the moments of appropriate p-adic measures, we obtain identities and congruences which generalize those associated to q-Fubini numbers.

Key words

p-adic measures moments sequence Laplace transform q-Fubini numbers congruences identities 


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  1. 1.DER de Mathématiques et d’Informatique, Faculté des Sciences et Techniques (FST)Université des Sciences des Techniques et des Technologies de Bamako (USTTB)BamakoMali

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