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Ecology of Thrush Birds (Passeriformes, Turdidae) in Northwestern Siberia under Effects of Climate and Landscape Changes

  • V. N. RyzhanovskiyEmail author


The characteristics of the annual cycles and the ecology of thrush birds in the Lower Priobye and the Yamal Penisula have been compared. The factors limiting the species migration northward and the perspectives on the range expansion in the subarctic region under the effects of the climate-related warming trend are analyzed. Annual cycles in thrush birds are rather common, despite their wintering in the different parts of Eurasia. The variations in the pattern of the annual cycle generally occur in the postnesting period. These variations concern the age at the onset of the postjuvenile molt, the type of molt control (photoperiodic or endogenous), the degree of overlap of postbreeding molting and nesting, and the degree of the molt-migration overlap.


subarctic zone Lower Priobye thrush birds life annual cycles climate range 


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