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Role of Fine Tree Roots in the Nitrogen Cycle of Boreal Forests

  • S. M. RazgulinEmail author
  • L. V. Voronin


Despite the insignificant contribution to the total forest phytomass, fine roots form 30% of the production of forest ecosystems, playing a crucial role in biogeochemical cycles. However, estimates of the biomass, annual production, dieback, and age of fine roots remain understudied, especially in Russian forests, due to technical difficulties. There are only a few estimates of nitrogen consumption for the annual production of fine roots. It is believed that they comprise up to 75 kg N ha–1 in mature forests. This is up to 60% of the total consumption of nitrogen for annual yield and is comparable with mineralized soil nitrogen. However, these values are approximate because the methods of measuring fine roots production are debatable.


fine roots biomass production debris turnover period nitrogen cycle 


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