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Topological Analysis of the Liouville Foliation for the Kovalevskaya Integrable Case on the Lie Algebra so(4)

  • V. KibkaloEmail author
Part 2. Special issue “Actual Problems of Algebra and Analysis” Editors: A. M. Elizarov and E. K. Lipachev


In this paper we study the topology of the Liouville foliation for the integrable case of Euler’s equations on the Lie algebra so(4) discovered by I.V. Komarov, which is a generalization of the Kovalevskaya integrable case in rigid body dynamics. We generalize some results by A.V. Bolsinov, P.H. Richter, and A.T. Fomenko about the topology of the classical Kovalevskaya case. We also show how the Fomenko–Zieschang invariant can be calculated for every admissible curve in the image of the momentum map.

Keywords and phrases

Kovalevskaya integrable case Fomenko–Zieschang invariant marked molecule critical point of centre-centre type 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Lomonosov Moscow State University, GSP-1MoscowRussia

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