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, Volume 12, Issue 6, pp 575–592 | Cite as

Sedimentogenic Aspect of Evolution and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Aldan-Maya Sedimentary Basin (Southeast of the North-Asian Craton)

  • V.G. VarnavskyEmail author


The main features of the lithofacial conditions of formation of the sedimentary complex of the Aldan–Maya Sedimentation Basin (AMSB) are discussed. It is shown that different facies (continental, coastal–marine, and marine) were formed under the conditions of one sedimentation basin of the type of one-side syneclise, which was formed on the eastern slope of the Aldan anteclise of the North Asian Craton, at its contact with the Okhotsk Massif. We distinguish and characterize the main sedimentation stages separated by inversions, magmatic layers, and weathering crusts (from the bottom upward): Pre-Riphean (Late Karelian, Ulkanian); Early Riphean (Uyan–Uchur); Middle–Late Riphean (Kerpyl–Lakhanda–Uisk); and Vendian–Cambrian. Areas of bituminous lithocomplexes are revealed in the sedimentary cover of the AMSB. Structural and sedimentary events in the AMSB are related to the geodynamics of the southeastern zone of the North Asian Craton and to the hydrodynamic regime of the Okhotsk–Pacific sector of the World Ocean. The article is devoted to the problems of comprehensive study of the geology, deep structure, and geodynamics and evaluation of hydrocarbon potential of the AMSB.

Keywords: formation series lithofacies structural–facial zone Aldan–Maya sedimentary basin aulacogen Siberian Platform North Asian Craton Okhotsk–Pacific sector of the World Ocean 



This work was partially supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, project no. 16-05-00571 (Evolution of the East Asian Continental Periphery, Tectonic–Sedimentation Models of Sedimentation Basins in the Southeastern Russia as a Basis of the Forecast of Fuel and Energy Resources).

The author is grateful to colleagues T.L. Karpova, L.V. Yakhno, L.D. Peskova, and G.M. Vykhovanets for the preparation of the materials for publication, and to I.P. Voinova for valuable remarks, which significantly improved the text of the article.


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