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Physicochemical Properties of Glasses in SrO · B2O3–SrO · SiO2 Join

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The physicochemical properties of glasses in the 50SrO · 50B2O3–50SrO · 50SiO2 join (mol %), such as density, microhardness, thermal expansion, and glass-transition temperature, are studied. Comparison with the characteristics of strontium-borosilicate glasses in other join with the constant strontium oxide content shows that the molar volume increases with an increase in the concentration of B2O3 and does not depend on the SrO content in the range of 50 to 35 mol %. It is determined that the glass-transition temperature decreases with the replacement of SiO2 by B2O3. The concentration dependences of the microhardness, thermal expansion coefficient above the glass transition region (αl), and the change of the thermal expansion coefficient in the glass transition region (Δα) have a maximum in the composition range rich in boron oxide.

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  • glass
  • strontium-borosilicate system
  • structure
  • density
  • microhardness
  • thermal expansion
  • glass-transition temperature