Geology of Ore Deposits

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Geology of the Chernogorskoe Gem-Quality Scapolite Deposit (Central Pamirs, Tajikistan)

  • A. K. LitvinenkoEmail author
  • S. B. Moiseeva
  • Sh. A. OdinaevEmail author
  • V. A. Utenkov


The Chernogorskoe gem-quality scapolite deposit, which is attributed to a new genetic type, is described. It is located in the Central Pamirs (Tajikistan), in the Sary-Dzhilga Formation of the Muzkol Group (PR1). Host rocks include metamorphosed mafic–ultramafic formations of the Kukurt complex, among which harzburgite was the first discovered. Albitite lenses host gem-quality scapolite mineralization. They were formed by the metasomatic replacement of nepheline syenite. This reaction was accompanied by a decrease in the volume of solid phases by 14% and the appearance of voids. Albitite bodies form a lenticular nesting structure, have crosscutting contacts, and make up amphibolite, which metasomatically replaces melanocratic gabbroid and partially altered harzburgite. Gem-quality scapolite is localized in 28 albitite lenses; the walls of their voids are encrusted with columnar purple scapolite. The sequence of processes at the studied deposit is as follows: formation of melanocratic gabbroids with small nepheline syenite bodies → metasomatic development of amphibolite after the former and albitite with voids after the latter → growth of columnar scapolite on voids walls → crystallization of gem-quality scapolite in voids.


Central Pamirs Muzkol Formation Sary-Dzhilga Formation Kukurt Complex Chernogorskoe deposit of the jewelry scapolite harzburgites nepheline syenites 



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