Russian Journal of Coordination Chemistry

, Volume 44, Issue 11, pp 693–700 | Cite as

Magnetism and Structure of a 3D Uncommon Pentanuclearcopper(II) Coordination Polymer

  • J. C. JinEmail author
  • H. R. Zhong
  • A. Q. MaEmail author
  • Y. J. Huang
  • S. W. Qiu
  • J. Q. Liu
  • M. M. Luo
  • J. W. Xu
  • Y. Y. WangEmail author
  • H. S. Sakiyama


A 3D coordination polymer, [Na3KCu5(Tar)2(HTar)2(H2O)7] (I) (H2Tar = tartaric acid), was synthesized by the reaction of potassium sodium tartrate and Cu(NO3)2 and characterized by X-ray single crystal diffraction (СIF file CCDC no. 1575976). Complex I is built up in a shell-like manner based on inner two symmetry-related pentanuclear copper cores, the cores are surrounded by coordinated synchronously Na and K atoms, which shapes into 3D nanoporous architecture. Additionally, I exhibits antiferromagnetic behavior.


tartaric acid heteronuclear metal magnetism 



This work was partially supported by the grants from Innovative Entrepreneurial Training Plan of undergraduates in Guangdong Province (nos. 201710571007, 201710571012, 201710571019, 2017105710116, 201710571048, 201710571060, 201710571078), the Public Research and Capacity Building Projects of Department of Guangdong Province (no. 2017A010103022), Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province (no. 2017A030313079) and Science Foundation funded project of Guangdong Medical University (nos. Z2016001 and M2016023) and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) KAKENHI (no. 15K05445).


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Anhui Provincial Laboratory of Biomimetic Sensor and Detecting Technology, West Anhui UniversityAnhuiP.R. China
  2. 2.Key Laboratory of Research and Development of New Medical Materials of Guangdong Medical University, Dongguan Key Laboratory of Drug Design and Formulation Technology and School of Pharmacy, Guangdong Medical UniversityDongguanP.R. China
  3. 3.School of Inspection Science, Guangdong Medical UniversityDongguanP.R. China
  4. 4.Key Laboratory of Synthetic and Natural Functional Molecule Chemistry of the Ministry of Education Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Physico-Inorganic Chemistry, College of Chemistry & Materials Science, Northwest UniversityXi’anP.R. China
  5. 5.Department of Science, Faculty of Science, Yamagata University, KojirakawaJapan

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