The Use of Microdisk Lasers Based on InAs/InGaAs Quantum Dots in Biodetection

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It is demonstrated that microdisk lasers about 10 μm in diameter with an active region based on InAs/InGaAs quantum dots synthesized on GaAs substrates can be used for biodetection. Chimeric monoclonal antibodies against the CD20 protein that are covalently attached to the surface of microdisk lasers operating in an aqueous medium under optical pumping and room temperature were used as detectable objects. It is shown that the addition of secondary antibodies leads to an increase in the threshold power of laser generation, as well as to an increase in the full width at half maximum (FWHM) of the resonance laser line.

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Correspondence to M. V. Fetisova.

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Translated by O. Kadkin

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  • biosensor
  • semiconductor laser
  • microdisk laser
  • quantum dots
  • photoluminescence.