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Recent Results from Double Chooz

  • Michiru KanedaEmail author


Double Chooz is a reactor neutrino observatory to measure the neutrino mixing angle \({{\theta }_{{13}}}\). The mixing effect is observed as a disappearance of electron antineutrino. There are two detectors located at distance of 400 and 1050 m from the reactor cores of the Chooz nuclear power plant, to measure the original neutrino flux from the reactor cores and the disappearance of neutrinos, respectively. The Far Detector has taken data since 2011 while the Near Detector started the data taking in 2014. In this presentation, recent results from Double Chooz with two-detector system are presented. The result of the data to prediction simultaneous fit is \(si{{n}^{2}}2{{\theta }_{{13}}} = 0.119 \pm 0.016\).


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  1. 1.Tokyo Institute of TechnologyMeguro-ku, TokyoJapan

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