Doklady Earth Sciences

, Volume 483, Issue 1, pp 1454–1457 | Cite as

Рarametric Phenomena in Seismoelectrics

  • A. N. Kamshilin
  • A. V. Nikolaev
  • I. Ya. ChebotarevaEmail author


Parametric phenomena (amplification of vibrations and the appearance of combinational frequencies) emerging in rocks during seismoelectric transformations are studied experimentally under field conditions. The geological medium in which periodic seismic vibrations are excited attains the properties of the parametric electrical oscillation system. Under certain conditions, there is a possibility of emergence of parametric resonance owing to transformation of elastic energy to energy of alternating electrical field produced in the solid earth. It was also proven experimentally that the electrical response to elastic vibrations can appear not only as a result of seismoelectric effects of the second type, but also due to the existence of parametric seismoelectric effects of the first type.



We thank V.I. Leont’ev and Z.-Yu.Ya. Maibuk for their help in preparation of the experiments. Special thanks to A.V. Guglielmi for his interest in our work and for the discussions and valuable notes.

This work was implemented within the framework of State Contract no. ААА-0139-2018-0003 for the Institute of Physics of the Earth RAS and the Institute of Oil and Gas Problems RAS.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • A. N. Kamshilin
    • 1
    • 2
  • A. V. Nikolaev
    • 1
  • I. Ya. Chebotareva
    • 2
    Email author
  1. 1.Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russian Academy of SciencesMoscowRussia
  2. 2.Institute of Oil and Gas Problems, Russian Academy of SciencesMoscowRussia

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