Microstructural Effects in Electron-Microscopic Studies of Carbonate Rocks

  • V. A. KuzminEmail author


The effects of the destruction of unstable primary carbonate-organic polymers during the investigation of carbonate rocks in a scanning electron microscope are shown. During direct research in the standard mode, specific artifacts arise, i.e., the formation of microvoids of various configurations. The performed studies show the possibility of using these effects as features for identifying the stage of phase transformations in carbonate rocks. This is of great importance for studying the regularities of the secondary catagenetic processes of rock transformation and of the formation of high-molecular bituminous components in gas condensate and oil and gas condensate fields.


scanning electron microscopy carbonate rocks destruction recrystallization catagenetic processes 


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  1. 1.Oil and Gas Research InstituteRussian Academy of SciencesMoscowRussia

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