Influence of the Region of Ion-Beam Overlap on the Rate of the Local Ion-Beam Deposition of Platinum from the Gas Phase

  • D. G. Lapin
  • I. S. Ovchinnikov


Problems concerning the local ion-beam deposition of platinum from the gas phase are discussed. A mathematical model for predicting the platinum deposition rate, in which the precursor-gas characteristics and ion-beam currents are taking into account, is analyzed. A refined mathematical model describing the local ion-beam deposition of platinum, which allows for the size of the region of gallium ion-beam overlap, is proposed. The simulation results are used to reveal the dependence between the platinum-deposition rate and the size of the region of gallium ion-beam overlap. The calculation results are experimentally confirmed. The maximum platinum deposition rate is demonstrated to increase to 20 nm/s with increasing region of beam overlap. It is found that the deposition process is not converted into the etching one at a beam current of less than 80 pA despite an increase in the region of overlap and etching always dominates at a current of greater than or equal to 1000 pA.


focused ion beam ion-stimulated deposition nanostructuring deposition rate prototyping incircuit editing IC 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Moscow Technological University (MIREA)MoscowRussia

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