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, Volume 88, Issue 5, pp 320–329 | Cite as

Urban and Rural Socioeconomic Disparities: Scientific Views and Domestic Practices

  • L. V. BondarenkoEmail author
Science and Society


This article contains a historical journey into the theory and Russian practice of overcoming urban and rural disparities. The methodology and calculations of an integral indicator of the social situation in the city and the village are presented, and a strategy of the social development of the village as a socioterritorial subsystem with a broad spectrum of nationwide functions and of overcoming urban and rural disparities is formulated.


city village opposition disparities evolution of views demographic situation employment incomes housing conditions social infrastructures integral estimation development strategy program-oriented and target-oriented approach 



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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Federal Research Center for the Agrarian Economy and Social Development of Rural Territories, All-Russia Research Institute of Agricultural EconomicsMoscowRussia

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