Effect of the Textural Characteristics of Zeolite Catalysts on the Main Indicators of Isobutane Alkylation with Butylenes

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Effect of the textural characteristics of NaX-type zeolite catalysts in the cation-exchange form on the main indicators of isobutane alkylation with butylenes has been studied. The best activity and selectivity indicators are achieved at a total pore volume of 0.255–0.295 cm3/g, a specific surface area of the samples of no more than 470 m2/g, and a micro/mesopore volume ratio of 2.5–5.5. It has been found that a catalyst sample based on a zeolite pelletized without a binder has all optimum textural characteristics; it is the best sample in terms of alkylate yield (100 wt %), conversion (99 wt %), and alkylate quality (trimethylpentane (TMP) selectivity of 72.6 wt %, an amount of the fraction boiling above isooctanes (C9+) of 5.8 wt %).

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The authors thank V.A. Ostroumova for her assistance in recording and processing the data on the pore structure.


This work was supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, agreement no. 14.607.21.0170 (unique project identifier RFMEFI60717X0170).

Author information

Correspondence to I. M. Gerzeliev.

Ethics declarations

A.L. Maksimov is the editor-in-chief of the Petroleum Chemistry journal. The other authors declare that there is no conflict of interest regarding the publication of this manuscript.

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Translated by M. Timoshinina

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Gerzeliev, I.M., Temnikova, V.A., Baskhanova, M.N. et al. Effect of the Textural Characteristics of Zeolite Catalysts on the Main Indicators of Isobutane Alkylation with Butylenes. Pet. Chem. 59, S95–S100 (2019).

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  • ion exchange
  • zeolite NaX
  • alkylation
  • isobutane
  • butylenes
  • high-octane component
  • heterogeneous catalyst