Thermophysics and Aeromechanics

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Investigation of thermal radiation of furnace gases generated from solid-fuel combustion in a steam boiler

  • V. A. Kuzmin
  • I. A. ZagraiEmail author
  • E. I. Maratkanova
  • I. A. Desiatkov


The article presents a methodology of comprehensive study of thermal radiation emitted by furnace gases during solid fuel combustion. The characteristics of initial fuel and chemical composition of flyash are described. The absorption coefficients of the gaseous phase in relation to the wavelength, temperature, and concentration of the main gas components are measured. The gas composition was determined by calculation of the total combustion products, as well as experimentally (through a gas analyzer). The experimental results on the particle shapes and sizes, the distribution function of flyash particles, the fusibility of mineral part were used to calculate the radiation characteristics of the condensed phase. Calculations of emission characteristics of furnace gases (spectral and integral flux densities and emissivity factors) depending on the influence of each phase at different operating temperatures are presented. The method efficiency is estimated through comparing with calculated and experimental data on the emission characteristics for homogeneous and heterogeneous combustion products. Spectral ranges were chosen to determine the temperature for furnace gases, a plume, and the surface of flyash deposits on the furnace walls. Experimental dependences of the emissivity factors for flyash deposits on temperature are presented. The findings can be used to calculate heat fluxes, for the purposes of furnace gases pyrometry, and to determine the temperature level in the compilation of operational maps for the boiler.


thermal radiation combustion products furnace gases steam boiler dispersity optical properties radiation characteristics emission characteristics emissivity factor computational experiment 


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This research was motivated by two aspects: guideline recommendations from academician V.E. Alemasov (deputy head of the energy department in the Kazan Scientific Center RAS) to use the accumulated experience and tools from the research of thermal radiation from solid-fuel rocket engines and apply it to a similar study of power units and boilers operating on solid fuels (coal, peat); and the resolution from RF Government and Department of fuel industry about establishing of a Center for technology scale-up in power engineering using local fuel resources (peat) at the facilities of VyatSU.

The research was started in 2007 due to program of strategic development of VyatSU (PSD 2.3.1-5 in 2012 and PSD 2.3.1-11 in 2014) and with financial support of RFBR within the research project No. 15-48-02482 r_povolzhie_a “Guidelines on increasing the efficiency of power plants operating on peat fuel”. The research on improving the solid fuel combustion (coal, peat) was supported by heat generation company PAO “T Plus”: the company arranged research work on generation units, in particular, on the boiler BKZ-210-140F at Kirov power plant #4.


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© V.A. Kuzmin, I.A. Zagrai, E.I. Maratkanova, and I.A. Desiatkov 2019

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  • V. A. Kuzmin
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  • I. A. Zagrai
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    Email author
  • E. I. Maratkanova
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  • I. A. Desiatkov
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