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Synthesis of Selective Sorbent LiCl ⋅ 2Al(OH)3nH2O

  • L. T. MenzheresEmail author
  • A. D. Ryabtsev
  • E. V. Mamylova


A synthesis process of selective layered sorbent LiCl ⋅ 2Al(OH)3nH2O from a mixture of LiCl + AlCl3 + NaOH + H2O solutions with the formation of NaCl solutions in the final suspension with a concentration ranging from 0.5 to 4.0 mol/dm3 has been studied. The effect of various factors exerted on the chemical composition of the sorbent in the course of its synthesis has been analyzed. It is shown that the abrasion strength of the sorbent depends on the amount of NaCl impurities therein. Practical recommendations for the synthesis of the sorbent are given.


lithium selective sorbent synthesis NaCl impurities abrasion strength capacity 



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  • L. T. Menzheres
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    Email author
  • A. D. Ryabtsev
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  • E. V. Mamylova
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