Predicting the Fracture of Large Forgings with a Heterogeneous Structure

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The possibility of predicting the fracture of large forgings made of a heat-hardenable Cr–Ni–Mo steel with a different-scale structure is estimated.

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Correspondence to A. V. Kudrya.

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Translated by T. Gapontseva

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Kudrya, A.V., Sokolovskaya, E.A., Ngo, K.N. et al. Predicting the Fracture of Large Forgings with a Heterogeneous Structure. Russ. Metall. 2019, 1304–1308 (2019) doi:10.1134/S0036029519120115

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  • large forgings
  • different-scale structures
  • fracture
  • crack resistance
  • plasticity
  • computerized procedures