Comparison of the Operating Conditions of Electric Arc Furnaces with Short and Long Arc Discharges

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A mathematical model is developed to describe the electromagnetic energy transfer between the phases of an electric arc furnace. This model is used to study the efficiency of operation of a DSP-100 electric arc furnace with the coplanar arrangement of a secondary current lead for short, medium, and long arc discharges. The energy processes in the furnace are found to be determined by both the potential gradients in arc discharges and the electromagnetic coupling of the phases, which causes redistribution of the total power released in arc discharges between the phases. Recommendations for the application of a phase-by-phase controlled reactor during long-arc operation are made.

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Correspondence to V. S. Cherednichenko.

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Translated by K. Shakhlevich

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Cherednichenko, V.S., Bikeev, R.A. & Zuev, S.P. Comparison of the Operating Conditions of Electric Arc Furnaces with Short and Long Arc Discharges. Russ. Metall. 2019, 1259–1263 (2019).

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  • electric arc furnace
  • power transfer between phases
  • long and short arcs
  • arc furnace power optimization