Effect of Additional Hydrogen Alloying on the Structure and the Phase Composition of a VTI-4 Intermetallic Alloy


The formation of the structure and the phase composition of a heat-resistant titanium VTI-4 orthorhombic-intermetallic-based alloy is studied in the course of its alloying with hydrogen to different hydrogen contents. The laws of the changes in the phase composition of the hydrogen-containing alloy upon heating to different temperatures are determined. A portion of the VTI-4 alloy–hydrogen phase diagram under the conditions under study is constructed; it demonstrates the location of phase regions as a function of temperature and hydrogen content.

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  1. 1.

    From here on, the contents of elements and hydrogen are given in wt %.


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The studies were performed using the equipment available in the Collective Usage Center for Aviation and Space Materials and Technologies at the Moscow Aviation Institute.

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Correspondence to S. V. Skvortsova.

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Translated by N. Kolchugina

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  • titanium intermetallic
  • heat-resistant ortho alloy
  • structure
  • phase composition
  • hydrogenating annealing