Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A

, Volume 93, Issue 1, pp 75–80 | Cite as

Features of Structural Solvation of Methylxanthines in Carbon Tetrachloride–Methanol Binary Mixtures: Molecular Dynamics Simulation

  • D. L. GurinaEmail author
  • V. A. Golubev


Solvation of methylxanthines (caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine) in carbon tetrachloride–methanol mixtures is studied by means of molecular dynamics over the range of concentrations under standard conditions. Methylxanthine molecules form hydrogen bonds with methanol through two oxygen atoms and one nitrogen atom and interact weakly through a hydrogen atom bound to the carbon of the imidazole ring. The distribution of the number of hydrogen bonds formed between different methylxanthine and methanol atoms is independent of the concentration of the polar co-solvent. At low amounts of methanol, methylxanthines tend to form stacking aggregates.


methylxanthines carbon tetrachloride methanol molecular dynamics hydrogen bonds 



This work was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, project no. 16-33-00248 mol_a. The authors are grateful to the Joint Supercomputer Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, for the access to the MVS-100K cluster.


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  1. 1.Krestov Institute of Solution Chemistry, Russian Academy of SciencesIvanovoRussia

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