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The Genus Delphinites Sayn (Ammonoidea: Neocomitidae) in the Lower Valanginian of the Russian Platform

  • V. V. MittaEmail author


This paper presents the results of the revision of the taxonomic composition and stratigraphic distribution of Central Russian representatives of the Valanginian genus Delphinites. The lower Undaloplicatilis zone of the Valanginian in the basin of the Sura River (Menya River) contains D. undulatoplicatilis (Stchirowsky) [subjective synonyms: Oxynoticeras tuberculiferum Stchirowsky, Pseudogarnieria securis Sasonova], D. menensis (Stchirowsky), D. alatyrense (Kemper), D. kurmyschensis (Stchirowsky), D. stchirowskyi (Sasonova), D. donovani Alsen et Rawson and D. heineae sp. nov. In addition, Delphinites sp. was figured from the Michalskii Zone (terminal Lower Valanginian) of the Kostroma Region (Unzha River). Thus, the interval of distribution of the genus Delphinites is not restricted by the basal zone of the Valanginian.


ammonites Neocomitidae Delphinites Valanginian Stage Russian Platform 



In the two recent decades, O. Nagel (Radeberg, Germany), W. Pirkl (Gerlingen, Germany), and A.V. Stupachenko (Moscow) participated in field trip to collect material under discussion. In addition A.V. Stupachenko provided some of his collections from the Valanginian of the Kostroma Region for study. I.A. Starodubtseva (GGM RAS), N.M. Kadlets (F.N. Chernyshev TsNIGR Museum, St. Petersburg) and P. Alsen (Copenhagen University) helped to re-examine the original material published by V.A. Stchirowsky, J.G. Sasonova, P. Alsen and P. Rauson. Yu.I. Bogomolov and V.A. Zakharov (Moscow) advised on the age of the Valanginian rocks from the Unzha River. Ammonite photography was by the late V.T. Antonova (PIN RAS). I am deeply grateful to all those who helped in this study. The paper is partly supported by the Program of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences no. 17 “Evolution of the organic world and planetary processes”.


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  2. 2.Cherepovets State UniversityCherepovetsRussia

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