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Vendian Macrofossils of the Yudoma Group, Southeast of the Siberian Platform

  • A. Yu. IvantsovEmail author


An assemblage of Late Precambrian macrofossils consisting of five species (Aspidella terranovica, Beltanelliformis brunsae, Nenoxites curvus, Palaeopascichnus renarius, and Suvorovella aldanica), was discovered in the type sections of the Yudoma Group of the Siberian Platform. A unique feature of the assemblage is the presence of carbonate discoidal remains of Suvorovella, formed as a result of secondary incrustation of basal structures, similar to Aspidella. The accumulations of redeposited fragments of Suvorovella formed the rock resembling the Phanerozoic shell beds. Except for this taxon, all members of the Yudoma assemblage have a wide geographic distribution. Their stratigraphic distribution tends to occur in the youngest deposits of the Upper Vendian, directly underlying the beds with small shelly fauna (SSF) of the Nemakit-Daldynian Stage, Cloudina tubes, and traces of the Treptichnus pedum Zone.


Siberian Platform Vendian Yudoma Group macrofossils Aspidella Beltanelliformis Nenoxites Palaeopascichnus Suvorovella 



The study was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (project no. 17-05-02212-a).

I am grateful to Academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences M.A. Semikhatov and M.A. Fedonkin, and also to Dr. A.Yu. Zhuravlev (Moscow State University) for remarks that allowed the manuscript to be improved. Technical assistance was provided by my colleagues from the Paleontological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences: S.V. Bagirov helped with photography, and L.V. Zaytseva and E.A. Zhegallo helped with examining the specimens using the ZEISS EVO50 XVP and TESCAN VEGA\\XMU SEMs.


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