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New Stage of Recovery of East European Tetrapod Community after Permian–Triassic Crisis

  • I. V. NovikovEmail author


New data on the taxonomic composition and comparison of the tetrapod assemblage from the Upper Sukhorechenskaya Subformation of the Buzuluk Depression of the East European Platform, previously described as “Selenocara–Syrtosuchus fauna,” are provided. This assemblage is dated Late Induan (Dienerian) and characterizes a new stage in recovery of East European tetrapod community after the Late Permian extinction, which is intermediate between the Tupilakosaurus and Benthosuchus faunas. Beyond Eastern Europe, a similar amphibian association is known from the Anodontophora fassaensis Zone (upper part of the Wordie Creek Formation) of eastern Greenland.


Tetrapoda Permian–Triassic crisis Early Triassic Eastern Europe 



This study was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (project no. 16-05-00711) and the Programs for support of fundamental scientific studies of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences no. 30 “Evolution of the Organic World and Planetary Processes” (Subprogram 5 “Ecological Structure of the Biosphere and Law of Crises”).


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