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PdIn/Al2O3 Intermetallic Catalyst: Structure and Catalytic Characteristics in Selective Hydrogenation of Acetylene

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The structure and catalytic characteristics of a bimetallic catalyst containing Pd1In1 nanoparticles deposited on the surface of γ-Al2O3 were studied. The formation of intermetallic nanoparticles was determined by X-ray diffraction analysis and confirmed by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and IR spectroscopy of adsorbed CO. In the hydrogenation of acetylene in excess ethylene, PdIn/Al2O3 had significantly higher selectivity of ethylene formation (~86%) than monometallic Pd/Al2O3 (~35%). The high selectivity of PdIn/Al2O3 is explained by two factors: (1) the formation of monatomic Pd1 sites isolated from one another by In atoms and (2) the change in the electronic state of Pd atoms in the intermetallic nanoparticles.

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We are grateful to M.N. Vargaftik and I.A. Yakushev for providing us with the sample of the bimetallic complex used for catalyst preparation.


The XRD, XPS, and IR spectroscopy studies of the structure and morphology of the catalysts and their catalytic characteristics in gas-phase hydrogenation of acetylene were financially supported by the Russian Scientific Foundation (grant no. 19-13-00285). The procedure for the synthesis of the bimetallic PdIn/Al2O3 catalyst was developed with financial support of the Russian Scientific Foundation (grant no. 16-13-10530).

Author information

Correspondence to A. Yu. Stakheev.

Additional information

Translated by L. Smolina

Abbreviations: Pd1 sites—palladium atoms isolated from one another by the atoms of the second metal (In); XRD—X-ray diffraction analysis; Ssp—specific surface area; IR-СО—IR spectroscopy of adsorbed СО; a. b.—absorption band; XPS—X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy; \({{X}_{{{{{\text{C}}}_{2}}{{{\text{H}}}_{2}}}}}\)—conversion of acetylene; \({{S}_{{{{{\text{C}}}_{2}}{{{\text{H}}}_{4}}}}}\)—selectivity of ethylene formation; T100%—temperature at which 100% conversion of C2H2 is achieved; S90%—selectivity of ethylene formation at 90% conversion of C2H2; BE—binding energy; Еа—activation energy.

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  • gas-phase hydrogenation of acetylene
  • bimetallic catalysts
  • nanoparticles
  • catalyst structure
  • palladium
  • indium
  • isolated Pd sites
  • intermetallics