Dynamic Buckling of a Cylindrical Shell with a General Boundary Condition under an Axial Impact

  • Y. GuiEmail author
  • J. Xu
  • J. Ma


The dynamic buckling of an elastic cylindrical shell with a general boundary condition (composed of stiffness and damping) under an axial impact by a rigid body is considered. A dynamic equation is derived to obtain the axial stress and radial displacement of the shell. Then, by substituting the results into the energy equation, the critical condition for the dynamic buckling of the shell is obtained. The influence of the general boundary condition on the critical velocity of the impactor is analyzed. The results reveal that the boundary condition exerts no effect on the dynamic buckling of the shell before the stress wave becomes reflected from the fixed end face of the shell. After reflection, the critical velocity decreases with increasing impactor mass and stiffness, but increases with increasing damping. At times smaller than the instant when the stress wave reaches the fixed end face of the shell, the dynamic buckling occurs earlier at greater values of damping and stiffness. After stress wave reflection, the earlier dynamic buckling is observed at smaller values of damping and stiffness.


elastic cylindrical shell general boundary condition energy equation dynamic buckling 


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